INTERIOR DESIGN & 3D Visualization


3D Visualization

​We make projects come alive

When considering our client's needs HMC constantly seeks innovation and creative approaches which translate into successful solutions. Our designs come to life through fresh and powerful methods of presentation.

HMC, currently uses an 86core render farm to produce our renderings and animations coupled with the latest software from 3D Studio Max and V-Ray. These tools allow our designers to produce 3-dimensional images that provide our clients with a greater sense of security when choosing their design. 

Our Interior Design Services Include:

-In House Collaborative Design Studio


-Auto CAD

-3D Studio Max

-LEED Compliance

-NCIDQ Certified

-ADA Certified


-86-core Render Farm

-3D Modeling and Animation

The design department remains involved throughout the entire process to ensure that the intent of our concept is delivered. 

Our creative process begins with a detailed site survey and programming session with the owner/operator.  This serves as the basis for the schematic phase of the project. Once a direction has been determined, the design presentation phase in initiated. Upon plan approval we create drawings which detail all finishes, reflected ceiling layout, fixtures, elevations, specifications, furniture and equipment. 

HMC is a licensed and registered interior design firm with NCIDQ certifications. Our innovative methods target LEED compliance, as well as ADA and NSF code standards. 

​Our designs include all pertinent information which is utilized by architects and engineers in the production of construction documents for permit submittal and pricing. 

We create environments that evoke emotion, appetite and community

HMC's approach to interior design is to blend the technical aspects of design operative with the client's unique vision and operational requirements to produce a functional and dynamic design.  

We employ a wide variety of finishes to grab the attention of those who experience the environments we create. What we design is enhanced by our in-house manufacturing capability which enables us to control every detail. Our inspiration grows from our desire to constantly improve what we produce.